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Spring Equinox- Finding Balance

Finding Balance in the Year

The Midpoint between the Solstices are the Equinoxes, they are symbolic of balance. They are the perfect time to revalue your own balance.

Here are a few ideas to honour the balance of Spring Equinox.

Here are Top Tips to celebrating the Equinox this week- 23rd September (here in Southern Hemisphere.

1. Journal

Journal all the things that are going well in your life, year, or even just this month.

2. Re-Evaluate

Reevaluate your daily energies, routines and sleep patterns. Are you feeling in balance or can a little more regularity and routine help?

Maybe get to bed a little earlier or wake up 5 minutes earlier to meditate.

3. Eat Cyclically

eating with the seasons is optimal for our health and the health of the planet,

This is true for all seasons, but at the Spring Equinox, everything is growing, and new season foods are coming out. maybe you want to start growing your own microgreens. have a look around the shops or local farmers market.. what is in abundance and locally produced?

4. Be Creative

image of colouring book

Be playful, allow new ideas to light you up, and don't worry about completing or making things happen yet, just have fun playing with your creativity and imagination. Spring energy is the perfect time to make plans and dream up new ideas.

5. Get Outside

After a Winter indoors, it is so great to get outdoors and notice all the spring changes. Go for a walk in nature, and take your meditation or yoga practice outside.

what does the air smell like? what blossom can you see, what are the birds and butterflies doing?

6. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

On the Equinox, the daylight and darkness are equal is it a great opportunity to witness the sun coming up and going down.

7. Remind yourself of your cyclical nature

The cyclical seasons and solar and lunar events remind us everything is always coming around.

To learn more about Cycle Awareness, Cyclical Living or The Wheel of the Year, contact Andrea for a free 20mins Chat to see how we can help.

Download a PDF for the Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox
Download PDF • 4.16MB

Download a PDF for the Spring Equinox

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