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About Ova

Women empowering women
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We source from a wide range of local businesses, to support our local community, reduce carbon footprint as well as showcase the best local can offer 

We aim to make our packaging either recyclable, biodegradable or reusable. 

products are carefully picked to ensure mama earth friendly as well as woman kind. 

The businesses that we align with are either themselves empowering local women, employing and paying staff well, or giving back to their local community. helping to finally empower you. 

The ingredients we use are natural and organic where possible. What is good for our environment is balancing for our bodies as well. free from hormone-disrupting chemicals 

Ova believes that if we love and care about women's bodies, we start to care about all bodies, all nature, mama earth included. 
the two are intrinsically entwined. 

A message from Andrea-
Ova's Founder 

'' I created Ova the Moon to support firstly my need to nurture myself and secondly to nurture others. I truly believe we cannot serve and find our true calling whilst we are depleted, compromised and unaware of our deeper needs.  I believe a huge wealth of vitality, creativity and joy is all of us if only we give ourselves permission to rest, allow and dream. ''

You are beautiful just as you are.

 Our Unique Concept has grown out of a calling to support and honour all women. 


We believe in the transformative and insightful power of your menstrual cycle, empowering your womb journeys from your first period to your last and beyond. 

 Love and acceptance of our true cyclical nature is the key to unearthing our own inner wisdom. 


"My passion is to empower and support others to connect with their own inner wisdom, find their own personal healing journey. Using compassion, creativity and authenticity, I aspire to help you create nurturing awareness to yourself and your life, awakening your deep creative power"  Andrea White Ova's Founder 

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