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Ova the Moon was created to find accessible ways to learn about our cyclical wisdom, whether it is understanding our menstrual cycles, connecting to the moon cycles, or living in harmony with the earth. Through my work, which is the culmination of many years dedicated to creativity and women's empowerment, I intertwine Yoga, Cyclical Wisdom, Menstruality, and Creativity to empower and support you on your journey.

Ova products challenge our creativity and remind us that we are all beautiful, creative, cyclical beings.

I am committed and deeply connected to the energy that nurtures and empowers.

I profoundly honour my inner wisdom and creativity. I believe that there is knowledge deep within us all about what we need to thrive in life. We do not need to search outside to find it. The power lies within us, and if we learn to listen to our wisdom and intuition, we will realise that we are enough.

I teach from the heart, grounded in reality, and always with a touch of humour!

I embrace you and all the messiness of life. My work is creative, authentic, practical, humble, and accessible.

A message from Andrea~

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