• Andrea

Imbolic Blessings

Imbolc, marks the beginning of spring. The word derives from Imbolg means ‘in the belly’- referring to the pregnant ewes before lambing season.

Symbolically we can see this as a time of ‘pregnancy' or expectance of the new.. new life growing under the surface waiting to awaken and burst out of the soil.

There is a power that lies underneath, honouring these moments helps us understand our own cyclical nature. Is there any space in your life that feels a bit dormant or stuck? Maybe it is just waiting for the right conditions to push through and grow.

Imbolic is the time when winter is winding down (hopefully), but it's still cold and dark.. Spring is around the corner, but isn't quite here yet. We can start to look forward to coming out of hibernation.

We can start to look forward and to the future, but before we do, we may need to clear out the old, making space for new beginning. We can do this by physically cleaning or clearing or just sitting and making space in your heart with new intentions.

Imbolc, is the planting of seeds of your life....What seeds do you need to plant right now?

1.Refect on Our Cyclical Nature

Wherever you may find yourself, today can be a good day of reflection and engaging with nature and the cycles of life. What are your transitions in your cycle like? Honouring these moments in nature can help us understand our own cyclical nature...

2. Gratitude for winter

Start our farewell to the winter, send it on its way with love and gratitude. Say thanks for the quieter times, the rest, the dormant energy stored. the warmth of the fires.

3. Light a candle or fire

Fire is a big aspect of marking the changing seasons, in ancient times bonfires would have been lit to mark these occasions and honour the transitions of seasons, today you could simply light a candle and contemplate alone.