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New Moon Self Care

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The New moon is an amazing symbolic and energetic window for a fresh start.

a time to set new intentions for the next lunar cycle while releasing and surrendering to the process of renewal.

Here are some easy self-care tips to practice that can help you honour the new moon.

1. Clean your self and space

Clean, cleanse, refresh and renewal of your self and home. take time to bathe, change your bed or just have a quick tidy up or de-clutter.

2. Create a 'new moon space' 

Find a space that you want to decorate and honour the moon. you can decorate with flowers, crystals, anything from nature, a candle. a favourite cushion or blanket. gather all you need- a journal, pens, a cup of tea.

3. Light a candle and meditate

Take a few moments to sit with your breath. Let your mind settle, Feel your body grounded. Allow gratitude in.

4. Set your intentions

Take time to write, journal or continue to meditate on your new moon intentions. Think about what you need for the coming weeks, or just allow yourself to be receptive to the idea of renewal and gratitude.

5. Release and surrender

Let go of anything you don't want to take

with you into the next cycle. Surrender anything that is not serving you. You can always write it down and burn it. Another good way is to move gentle, release physical tension from the body with yoga or dance or a good stretch out.

6. Plant a seed 

Take a real seed in your hand, meditate on your intentions, visualise your intentions growing, then plant it. This feels great and magical to do in the darkness of the new moon.

7.Connect with others

Gather your friends to do the same, or find some like-minded others who want to join or are holding new moon circles. Create beautiful connections and ceremony.

8. Go outside

Don't forget to actually go outside and be under the new moon. smell the air, feel the cool night air, notice any stars that are brighter tonight. Know this is a fresh new month and you get to start again.

download this new moon self care poster for your reference

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