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Spring Equinox- Balance and Expand

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Halfway point between the solstices, is the equinoxes.

This year 22nd September we honour the Spring Equinox. (Southern Hemisphere- Autumn Equinox in the North)

It is a point of perfect balance. The hours of daylight and nighttime are perfectly equal.

There is balance in the day and night, light and dark, the masculine and feminine, the inner and outer worlds.

Re-Balance-The equinox is a perfect time to re-evaluate what is ( or isn’t) in balance in our lives, mind body and spirit.

Ask yourself how are my energy levels? Am I getting enough rest and sleep/ what is depleting me? What is holding me back? Is my home/ work life in balance? how are my moods and emotions?

If you notice anything that is bothering you. It might be time to spend time tweaking your lifestyle to serve you better.

From this point on the light is increasing, our days are growing longer than the nights, light overcomes darkness. Everything is coming alive, awakening, birds, plants, blossom.

Warmth is coming back to our days and we can feel it in our own minds, creativity is coming alive, maybe the intentions we set at Imbolic/ 1st day of Spring ( 1st August) are coming into fruition.

Spring Equinox symbolises not only balance but expansion.

Ask what areas of my life do I want to expand into? What areas of my life do I need to bring fertility and abundance to?

Spring tides are rising high Life cycles turning Bursts of energy make magic fly Rebirth is the learning.

Ideas on how to Honour the Equinox

  • Journal- write down all the things that are going well this year, your life, even just this month or cycle. This Equinox falls halfway in a lunar cycle just past the Full moon, so also a great opportunity to 'check in'.

  • Note any imbalances- Can you find some simple easy solutions to bringing yourself back into balance? pick just one or two easy things to address, you don't have to change your life..

  • Re-evaluate- your bedtime routine or sleep patterns. As days get longer and night will start to shorten, our sleep can get disturbed, it is wise to get things in order now before the late sun or early sun exacerbates any sleep problems.

  • Eat cyclical- with new life comes an abundance of new cyclical fruits and veggies.

What is in season in your area? What is growing in your garden? Leafy greens, lettuces, rockets and sprouts are always a good choice to add to our meals.

  • Let go of the last of winter- We are now at height of spring. Spring is full of flowers, blossoms and warmer weather. Pack away some of those thick winter woollens and snow boots. see it as an invitation to come out of hibernation and into bloom.

  • Spring ideas- Get creative, play with ideas, brainstorm any projects, be playful and creative for creative sake, don’t worry about completing, just have fun.

Get outside and connect to the season. What is changing, what is blooming in

your area, what can you see or smell in the air?

  • Bring spring inside- Buy some seasonal flowers or pick some blossoms or leaves from your garden. Remind yourself of your connection to nature and its beauty in also within you.

  • Watch a sunrise and or sunset. See the equally beautiful light come up and set on the equinox.

Remind yourself of your cyclical nature- Everything may be in balance, but it is fleeting and momentary. It doesn’t last, but it does come back around. Things might also feel out of balance today, but be comforted that everything is always coming around, spring, summer, our breath, the moon.

download a free infographic of how to connect to the equinox

spring equinox
Download PDF • 3.13MB

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