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How to Chart and Journal your cycles

As we start to launch our New Year-long journal. thought it would be a great time to give you a sneak peek along with some great tips on how to chart your menstrual or lunar cycle with Ova.

Firstly what is Menstruality & Menstrual Cycle Awareness?

Menstruality is a radical new approach to the inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

Each is its own purpose and initiatory process.

It is honouring our cycles, educating about natural processes, and supporting others in their journeys.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness (or MCA) is just one part of Menstruality.

Its main practice is the act of charting your menstrual cycle (or the moon for those without a Menstrual cycle) to learn your own unique patterns and cyclical nature for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Why Practice MCA?

  • Help your overall health and vitality, finding balance and harmony.

  • Connect and know yourself and your body deeper. Understanding your own shifts in energy, emotions, creativity and social needs.

  • Learn to recognise your gifts and challenges of each stage or inner season of your menstrual cycle or Menstruality journey.

  • Practical tips on how to take care of yourself and negotiate a non-cyclical-minded 'real world.

  • Join the menstrual revolution in breaking taboos, and healing our menstrual journeys for us and others.

  • Tune into a deeper inner wisdom, and intuition and help channel your passions, creativity or calling.

What do I Journal or Chart?

Ova MCA Journal has Lots of ideas, you can use the monthly intention-setting pages, daily journaling prompts, and add a work a day to the cycle wheel.

Common Questions are-

  • What if I don't have a menstrual cycle.. can I still chart?

Yes! many people do not have cycles or regular cycles but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy this journal or MCA. It just means you can connect to other seasons and cycles around you. we all have fluctuations in energy levels and moods in the day or month. [ay attention to whatever you notice. you can also use the calendar month or the lunar cycle to use as your cycle day.

What if I have longer/shorter cycles than 28 days?

If you have longer cycles, just move on to a new wheel and daily pages and continue with the cycles day from there. if you have shorter cycles just start a new wheel as soon as you bleed or is a new moon.

What are the Monthly intentions?

Each day 1 of your cycle (1st day of your bleed or the New Moon) you can check in with a short practice or meditation. ask what you need this coming month. plant a small seed of intention...

Using the monthly prompt you can ask yourself these important questions that are very seasonal appropriate.

Do I have to fill it all in?

No! it is your cycle, your journey with Journaling, these are just prompts and ideas, make it your own, doodle, add bits leave bits blank if they do not resonate with you.

The purpose of Journaling and MCA is to connect to yourself deeper.

Remember your Cycle what ever it looks or feels like may be the key to your health, wellbeing and inner wisdom of your own nature.. want to know more give me a call or book a free connecting session!

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