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Cyclical Wisdom Wheel

This month Ova launched its Cyclical Wisdom Wheel

This Wisdom wheel is a product of love, creativity and passion for all things cyclical.

It came about when I was looking for a way to connect the dots of my menstrual cycle, the season, the moon and my inner feelings.

Have you ever wondered if the moon affects your moods, or if your menstrual cycle is different at different times of the year?

For me, I wanted to understand the overlying seasons and cycles that affect my life and what correlation they have.

I have been practising menstrual cycle awareness and charting my cycles for over 12 years and I am still learning more every month. When I was without my bleed, (pregnancy/postnatal) I would use the moon to help be my guide and now combine them along with seasonal and cyclical living.

Have you ever heard some articles saying that you should bleed on a new moon and ovulate on a Full moon? Although the energies of the new moon and the full moon may echo menstruation and ovulation, each part of our cycle is important. When we bleed is unique to each individual, we are not 'clockwork' creatures, we are humans with different lives needs cycle lengths and experiences. Unless you are completely aligned with a 29.5-day menstrual cycle, you are never going to fully align. (a normal menstrual cycle is anything between 21 and 40 days.. that is if you are not in Perimenopause)

In Menstrual Cycle Awareness there is no right or wrong way, there is only your experience, It may match the archetypal patterns, (even my own guides are just that ... guides.. You have the real wisdom within you.)

But just like the outer seasons, every day may be different! so many things affect the environment and weather just as lifestyle, circumstances, stress, and joy affect our menstrual cycles.

The Cyclical Wisdom Wheel

  • helps you see what the outer season is, where the moon is and where your cycles are.

  • It also acts as a perpetual calendar with months and dates.

  • They come in the southern hemisphere, and the northern hemisphere coming in the new year.. pre-order now.

  • Cycle days come in varying lengths for shorter and longer cycles

  • Markerback board and option of a stand.

Stick it on your fridge or your desk and chart away! also helps your family see where you are in your cycle too!

You can then make your own notes in your journal on how the moon or season or menstrual phase can effect your day or help you plan your day, week month a little better.

For a free chat about the wheel or any other cyclical ideas book today.

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