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Full Moon Self Care

The Full moon illuminates all. The 'rights', the 'wrongs' the 'good' and the 'bad'. Many people love this time of connection for our closest celestial planet, though many struggle with the heightened energy and revelations.

Here are some easy self-care tips to practice that can help you honour and support yourself around the full moon.

1. See the Moon

Go outside! find a moment to sit under the full moon in all her glory. If it is a clear night, go out and have a really good look, notice all her patterns and shapes, her colour and how it makes you feel. even if it is cloudy, see if you can notice the light and shadows.

2. Create a special full moon space

Find a space that you want to honour the moon. you can decorate with flowers, crystals, anything from nature. gather all you need- a journal, pens, a cup of tea. light a candle to create ritual and ceremony.

3. Check-in with yourself

Ask yourself, how do I feel? How does the full moon energy feel? How is my body, energies, emotions? with all your actions with this in mind to guide you.

4. Grounding

The Full moon can be a time of intense energy, many people feel a little intoxicated and dizzy by the power of her light and energy. It is well documented that more accidents happen around the full moon. Take the time to keep your feet on the ground..literally. Take things a little slower, don't race around or do anything too intensive.

When we are connected to the earth and our bodies we can start to flow and move....

5. Move and Flow

Yoga is a great way to connect to your mind, body and spirit. but also Dancing, wiggling, giggling or just stretching.. Whatever your body needs. connect to the watery, feminine and creative movement.

BUT but be careful not to overdo it..take longer slower breathes, leave the high flying acrobatics or frenziness for a slower, steadier and grounded flowing movements.

6. Manifest

This great illuminating time is the perfect push to get stuff done, manifest any of your new moon intentions. what creative projects do you now need to action? What ideas need to be tested? Now is the time.

7. Be Creative

Free-flow journal, Write, Doodle or Draw. Let the words come, connect to your creativity with words, doodling or drawing. It doesn't have to make sense or look pretty. just go with the flow.

8.Connect with others

Just as in new moon Gatherings the Moon is a beautiful way to connect with others, the femininity of our lives as well as be held by the phases of the moon.

9. Practice Gratitude

Take a moment to take stock, see how your month is going. Allow gratitude to arise. feel that sense of love, abundance and contentment in your heart and your being. hopefully, this leads you to a path of feeling balanced and in harmony with your self and your world.

download this new moon self-care poster for your reference

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