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10 reasons why Cycle Awareness will help you fall in love to Love Your Periods and Menstrual Cycle.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Do you have a good or bad relationship with your period? your person experience is made up of lots of things, it maybe influenced by your cultural, social stigma or your attitudes maybe changed due to physical experience or life stage.

1. I know when I am in or out of balance.

By charting my cycle,  listening to to signs of my body and energies, I know when something isn't right. I can adjust my diet, lifestyle and yoga or exercise practice according to exactly what I need, not just doing the same everyday, the idea is in the name; 'cycle' .

2. I know what a normal period looks like.

By using a menstrual cup or reusable pads, I now know what my blood is actual like, colour, amount etc. this is great info to again know when things aren't right. you can learn what is normal for you. By getting to know what your period is like, it takes a lot of the mystery and negative attitudes away. It brings you closer to your body and your love and acceptance of it.

3. I feel connected to other women around the world going through same.

There is probably millions of women menstruating at the same time as me. This strangely gives me a sense of unity and blood bond with women all round the world! They all can't hate their period. when you start charting and learning about your cycles, there is a world of us period loving women just waiting to share the magic too!

4. Through cycle awareness I know when is the best time to get things done.

This has been a real gem of cycle awareness. I used to get so frustrated trying to finish a project or painting when my period was due, or trying to relax when I must have been ovulating. I learnt my most productive times for certain things. Emails and carefully crafted work never to be done premenstrual, but for tidying cupboard, shopping and organising computer files this is a great time for me! lesson plans and painting are best done in my 'spring' of pre ovulation. Of course this is different for everyone, the practice of bring awareness to your cycle helps you find your own patterns and tendencies. There is no formula or right way.. just your way!

5. when I menstruate I give myself full permission to hide.

'' Like a bear going into hibernation in winter, I fully Rest and surrender to what I need; I nourish myself, lots of self care, put the phone down and book time for myself. even when time is limited,I take time to honour my Menstruation. ''

6. My cycle tells me when I am fertile or not.

If you are tracking your cycles, you can learn about your reproductive state too. If you take the cycle awareness into Fertility Awareness methods, (not the same thing) it can be a pretty accurate tool for conception and contraception. (*advise* Cycle awareness alone, can not be used as to predict or confirm ovulation, it can only give you signs and symptoms, which can help with your wellness and creative life. for detailed accuracy you need to learn FAM from a qualified instructor)

Mostly I use MCA for my own creative processes and harmony in life.. this is just a bonus for me.

7. I have found a deeper connection to my intuition.

By becoming aware of my cycle I have also become deeper connected to an inner wisdom. My intuition is generally spot on. I feel very content with my decisions. I find by listening to this 'womb wisdom', in any given situation, leaves me quite balance and in harmony, even if it is difficult decision. on any given day, i check in with my inner wisdom to guide me for the day.

8. I have met so many amazing women through work with menstruation.

At first, I thought this work was for just hippies.. (ok so it turns out I am one) but it is for all walks of life, menstruating or not! I have learnt to not judge and be very open to new ideas. Opening my heart to some dearest of friends and powerful circles of amazing people I also love holding space for women and sharing this incredible work.

9.  I am never shocked by the arrival of my period (or lack of it!)

By knowing the signs and energies I am never again caught short in public when my period arrives, I am well prepared and wait for her arrival. Also by being aware I wasn't shocked to know I was pregnant a good few days before period was due! I can almost pin point within hours of her arrival by my thoughts, my mind my intuition.

10. I love that I get a fresh start every month!

Like that feeling of a well planned new years resolution gone by mid January. When things go a little wonky I know I have an internally built renewing system that resets the clocks every month, a brand new shiny month, (and menstrual chart) ready waiting for me. This is why women in ancient times were worshipped for their magic abilities and insights!

Like the idea of falling in love with your menstrual cycle? contact Andrea for personal mentoring, learn how to chart your cycles, course, workshops and information on her sister sight

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