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The Lunar cycle is symbolic of our inner emotions and wisdom. The full moon illuminates what needs to come forward or what needs to be celebrated.


In many cultures, these moons have symbolic names. These most well-known lunar names are based on North American traditions and or Celtic traditions.  


If you are in South Africa- don't forget to see the South African name Moon Poster. 

Professional 1:1 teaching tool

You can use the artwork if you're a therapist, yoga teacher, mentor, or coach with your clients. You can use it with as many clients as you want, but you can't publish it on mailing lists, online courses, or websites.


Northern Hemisphere Moon Names Poster- Professional 1:1 Use

  • Downloadable and printable for personal use, 

    for other licencing to duplicate many or to share for Professional use, please contact

    See Licencing Policy 

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