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Menstrual Cycle Awareness Journal
How to Guide 

This is your personal guide to your own cycles and inner wisdom..

Before we start remember this is YOUR work, Your inner guides and wisdom. There is really no right or wrong way to chart your cycles. There are many layers to cycle awareness, the more you do it the more you will discover, but don't worry about this, just start! It can be as simple as tuning in, ask yourself THE question.. 'how do I feel today?' and adding a word of a day in the wheel.

Use the season guides, Charts and Prompts to help you understand your inner seasons a little more, but also remember that this is what they are.. guides, your experience of the seasons and your own cycle is the truth you need.


For more in-depth understanding feel free to contact us at for more info on personalised mentoring and intro courses to Menstrual Cycle Awareness or Cyclical Creativity.

how to Journal-  phase 1.

This Journal had been designed to be user friendly and not a polished journal you show to anyone else. You can rip the pages out, doodle, draw colour or neatly write, allowing your personality to come out. Just keep them in a folder for your own reference and collect the data for your cycle awareness.

  • Study at the Guides and Maps, and notice what resonates with you.

cycle wheel .jpg

how to Journal phase 2 

Start slowly and simply with Cycle awareness, implementing small and achievable steps to gaining insight. Ideally, break the process down into a few phases over a few months, there is no quick fixes to unearthing your inner wisdom.

  • Start with the Daily Chart. Each day add as much info as you need. use the prompt to help you.

  • You can add the main theme or word of the day to the Cycle Wheel Chart. do this for the 1st month or two, then when you feel ready, move to the next phase of Cycle awareness.

how to Journal- Phase 3.

Move on to using monthly intentions, Monthly Cycle Plans and 'weekly' Seasonal Plans.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to use this journal, so if some of the prompts and pages are not useful or resonating with you, feel free to skip them or use them in a very different way. give yourself permission to play and be creative. 

seasonal plan .jpg
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