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"Empowering you to embrace your inner wisdom, creativity, and natural cycles~ through holistic wellness services and eco-friendly, creative self-care products and resources."

I help individuals recognize the connection between their natural cycles and creativity, fostering harmony and vitality in their lives. Through frameworks and guides, I assist in understanding the changes we experience. You'll gain practical tools to navigate your unique rhythms, feeling empowered by these flows. Ultimately, my teachings cultivate deep mindfulness, awareness, and self-acceptance.


  • Are you ready to connect?

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  • want to prioritise your well-being across body, mind, and spirit?

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Holistic Wellbeing Services

Facebook Cyclical Wisdom

Are you in need of support via Yoga, Menstruality Mentoring, Cyclical Living or a Creativity coach? are you just curious and want to learn more?  I offer a wide range of wisdom and offerings tailored to suit your needs, not sure what you need.. book in a chat and we can help you on your journey.

Are you looking for beautiful Journals and Calendars to support your cyclical journal, maybe you are looking for the perfect gift.. our shop if full of bespoke, original artwork, posters as well as downloadable resources. (Free stuff too!) 

Learn about Cycles, Cyclical Living, Creativity and what ever else comes out of my brain just for fun. Subjects range from Holistic Wellbeing, to creativity, Cyclcial living and all about cycles and seasons. 

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Alexa Young, CA

My Mission

"Andrea & Ova’s Mission is to empower and support you in discovering your innate inner wisdom and unique healing journey, fostering self-compassion, creativity, and authenticity. Through wellness and coaching services and cyclical wisdom products, Ova help everyone possess the tools and voice to radiate their true selves, living harmoniously with the cyclical nature of life with awareness and self acceptance"

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