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New Moon in Leo

Today 28th July, This New Moon, we are in the sun sign of Leo.

what does this mean and what gifts can we take home.

July New Moon

Each new moon is the end and the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

The renewal gives us an opportunity to check in, set new intentions or reaffirm our ongoing goals. (see New Moon Rituals)

It is like a fresh start, a new seed of intention.

I love a fresh start, a brand new day or a brand new month.

This month is no exception, but will the added pull of Spring around the corner (Imbolc is on Monday)

If you are looking for a deeper connection and direction we can look to what the other celestial bodies are doing and see their influence.

The Moon phase then has a 'boost' of whatever the sun signs or planetary alignment have to offer or represent.

New Moon in Leo

So our booster this month is Leo the lion.

Leo brings courage, strength, passion, and creativity. Leo is about self-expression, but also rules the heart.

The Moon in Leo takes courage ( the root of the word 'cor' means heart in Latin)

You are being called to stand up and share yourself and passions.. be your full authentic self and give yourself permission to roar!

What can do/ take away from todays New Moon?

The New Moon gives us a chance to rest, renew and set new intentions, (or revisit our ongoing ones)

The Sign of Leo gives us a boost to focusing those intentions on the heart, our passions, to be authentic and empowered.

The coming of Spring (Imbolc)

This gives us a great opportunity to let go of anything we do not want to take forward into the next cycle and season. (look out for the next post on Imbolc coming this week)

So together today is a strong energetic time of healing, manifesting and connecting to our hearts, bringing in with abundance what we need in our world and our lives.

What to do


All this fire passion and call for change on an individual level or collectively can be a little unsettlingly and raw. It is important we nurture ourselves even more. Remember to take some downtime, time to rest, and meditate. give yourself space to let things settle within you.


Get some of your ideas down, and make use of the new perspective or insight...some ideas might be.

  • What in my life do your feel needs love and my attention?

  • What things do I need to let go of this month?

  • What do I want to nurture and develop this month

  • What do I really love about myself?

Set Intentions

Let your journaling guide your heart and allow this moon to support your intentions fully... really align them with honesty and the real you.. but be careful what you ask of this lioness, her roar is powerful and may be heard.

Start something new or have a fresh look

it is a great time to plant those seeds of the future flowers, start a new project or give something a second look from a new perspective.

So whatever you are doing this weekend, know that you are supported by the moon and lioness energy... listen to your heart, and have the courage to stand up for yourself, for others and for what you believe in. now is the time.

Open your mind, eyes and heart with courage to compassion and abundance.

Want help with your lunar cycles, charting your cycles or mentoring through cyclical living?

Message today and put the power in the moon and stars


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